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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts... continued

Mission to Shelter
Our mission in visiting the shelter in Budokan completed in 2 hours. There is a high concern of privacy in this shelter, which is very different with the shelters at the north. No name list was posted on the board. No details of breakdown of age group. What we understand is that there are currently about 350 people in the shelter. The shelter do accept donation of goods, but not cash donations. It seems to suggest that this shelter has no real critical needs at this time.

We expressed our concerns about mental health care of the residents, and suggested something that we could do for the children. I am not sure how much the person would convey the message to the people in charge, but then I have passed my name card to them, and wait if the Lord opens the door.....

Something to be Alert of and to Pray for......

Somehow not very much different with other places in crisis, there were theft cases too. I recieved warnings in chain mails and read something about this on the net, but it had never really appeared to me as real until ....... Few days ago, two students who were trying to collect donations at the stations were being beaten up, and their money were being robbed. At the station in Ayase, a sign was put up by the police, warning the people to be careful about their bags. At the chat corners, victims being raped in last Kobe earthquake shared their experience, and advised people to be extra careful at this time of crisis. I don't really notice these fears on their faces, but the fear was expressed during a conversation in a home visitation.

Now the situation in Japan is much stable since the success of restoration of electricity to the nuclear plant. The donations are on their ways. There are less fear of the nuclear and radiation, but there are much fear in future, of how we could rebuild the places that have destructed. PTSD and berievement of the victims who witnessed the tsunami and loss their homes. Also, the huge number of lives lost/not found (21,000, as dated Mar 20), there is a large load of berievement that only God can take over from now. After the complete stabilization of nuclear plant, there are more for us to do!!! CHURCH, let us prepare ourselves in this long and continuous battle!

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