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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cooling Project

There are Christian workers working on pipe connection for cooling system of Fukushima nuclear plant. Please pray for them. Their names are Seiichi KISAKA and Naoyoshi SATOU.

Also, Fukushima First Bible Bpatist had also sent out prayer request!

Sister Shibuya's husband, he is in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant One. 渋谷姉妹のご主人 第一原発内作業中
Sister Nakamura's husband, he is in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant One. 中村姉妹のご主人 第一原発内作業中

Sister Kita's husband, he had departed to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Two yesterday. 北姉妹のご主人   第二原発へ昨日向かった。

Yatsuo is going to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant now. 八津尾さんご主人 今原発に向かっている。

Brother Nishimura is leaving to Fukushima Nuclear Plant Two on Monday. 西村兄弟 月曜日第二原発へ出発

PRAY with us!!!

For the Lord's protection, and success in the work!!!

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