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Friday, March 18, 2011

It's TIME to be ONE with the Community

The shelters in Tokyo is Tokyo Budokan, and Ajinomoto Stadium are taking 15000 victims.
(1) 東京武道館



(2) 味の素スタジアム(調布庁舎)



I encourage the churches in Tokyo that it is time to take action in this area! Walk in to the shelters, bring our ears to listen to the appeals, bring our hands to care, bring our harmonicas with us to blow a sweet pleasing hymn. We are His intercessors! Think about the needs of the elderly people and the children. That will help us to make plans!

With the experience in Sichuan 5.12, we conducted activities (singing) in a electric cable factory for the workers as per requested by the owner to encourage their spirits. In the hospital, we rounded the beds, listening and comforting the patients, helping them to wipe their bodies, singing praise songs together, lifting up spirit one another. We had received high appreciation from the hospital staffs and the city official. They told us if we were absence, the atmosphere would be dull. We had made a difference. If the communist government would appreciate what we did, I see no reasons for the Japanese government to reject us. Christians have good and respectable image in such situations. There are 1,500 victims in the shelters. GO!!!

On the other hand, Matsudo-shi 松戸市 is getting volunteers to help to host the victims. For some of us who are sending relief goods to the tohoku afflicted areas, why not we work with them? How much more chances would we have to work together with the community as ONE? Shine, CHURCH, SHINE!!!

Please call the number below or write them a email to let them know how many you could host! Thanks!

避難者のホームステイ先を募集しています 松戸市では、避難者をホームステイとして受け入れていただけるホストファミリーを募集しています。


避難者の健康管理について 避難者の健康管理のために保健師を派遣し、色々な相談にのっているほか、妊娠中の方もいることから医療機関との連携も図りながら体調管理に努めています。

部署名:総務企画本部 防災課

Fax 番号:047-368-0202
Email: mcbousai@city.matsudo.chiba.jp

The huge amount of victims that reached Tokyo and North West Chiba, and other places raised a nNEED for mental care. The victims are in fear, fearing the uncertainties lie in tomorrow, traumatized by the earthquake and tsunami and nuclear plant explotion, in great bereavement for the loss and dead. For the victim shelters in Tokyo area, it is TIME for second phase intervention, 心のケア, mental care. It is TIME to be UNITED with the local community that we have long to be as ONE.

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