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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Methods to Donate

For Malaysians that wish to donate

I will be helping out in CRASH on the R&D next week. So, if you would like to make contribution, and save every cent to the relief work that you donate. I will like to facilitate the donations in this way. You can bank into H4J Malaysia mission account, HSBC,  002-074086-025 (Yong Kim Fong), and  I will get them to bank in to the HSBC account, so that I can take it out from the ATM in the Tokyo branch. That would probably reduce the loss. As it will not involve handling charges, but ONLY the bank convert fees, and about 150yen per withdraw for 120,000yen. We are hoping that this will help to secure the maximum fund that could reach the victims, and the needs of the churches. Please notify me the amount that you bank in, and details, if possible.

Your direct transaction with the receiving organization will actually save me a lot of work, but then, considering the value of Ringgit and the level of income Malaysian earns, every single cents count in the relief effort. A same amount from Malaysia while compare to US and SIngapore, would mean 5 to 10 times sacrifice our citizens ready to make. I believe every donors would have the same thought, that is to give the maximum to the victims. Therefore I am really glad if I could be of any assist at this matter.

If you would like to make your own arrangement, sending money in through paypal, would be helpful to in reducing unnecessary charges. Please refer to CRASH homepage for this. www.crashjapan.com

For Hong Kong friends who wish to donate
I can help you via the same method, and you need to bank into H4J HK mission account, HSBC  405-2-005487 (Yong Kim Fong). Or you may consider to donate the money to CCMN. check CCMN websites. I believe the CCMN missionaries would have a wise way to reduce the loss in transfer rate as much as they can.

If you would like to make your own arrangement, sending money in through paypal, would be helpful to in reducing unnecessary charges. Please refer to CRASH homepage for this. www.crashjapan.com

The reasons of why I suggested CRASH

But sometimes one body receive a large donations and sits on it, as it always happens in CRISIS donations. You would probably be very surprised that much of the money that was donated for Indonesia Tsunami Relief in 2004 and Sichuan Earthquake 2008 are still not being utilized.

In the previous relief organization that I joined, they explained to me how the money is used, and why there are certain funds sit in the bank and not be utilized at all, and even with that fund available, they still need to raise fund when next disaster strike. It seems like when the donation comes in, it will be divided into different categories, or the category for that critical moment, i.e. "1st phase relief", or "buying food for the victims in the shelters".  Meanwhile, many others are also raising funds and pumping the resources into the same directions. When the need of these items no longer exist, they can't use it for others without getting consent of the donors. But there is no way to find out the donors, therefore it is impossible to get consent. So, the money sits there and generate interest, probably they are able to use the interest, and it probably goes into admin fees. It seems like most structured body would have the similar process. There is not enough flexibility in funds utilization.

I'e know Jonathan Wilson, he is a pastor and also the founder of CRASH (Christian Relief Assist, Support, and Hope) for years, since Sichuan Earthquake. And I am always amazed by his energy, and wisdom that he has in working with nonbelievers. And I know that many leaders of Japan Evangelical Missionary Association, Conservative Baptist Association, Japan Cell Church Mission Network, Japan Christians Fellowship and many others are offering help and cooperating with CRASH. As I checked with the Japanese Christians leaders in the field, there is a high recommendation that funds to be channel into CRASH at this moment. Therefore I believe that the financial is transparent, and there is a good accountability in this. I believe that your donations will be in good hands.

But then it is really on your own discernment in where and who to donate to. I trust your decision, and believe that God will make the best use out of the donations that you have made! If you are planning to come as a volunteer, please let me know, and we can catch up while you are here! :-)

Organizations that are accepting donations at this moment

Japan Baptist Association
Medical Without Borders
Feed the Hunger
World Vision

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