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Monday, March 14, 2011

3.12 Tohoku Earthquake

Dear Friends and partners,

I know many of you are very concerned about my safety, and I am here again to ensure you that I am safe and unharmed. The Lord had preserved me to a great extent. I have enough storage of food, and my apartment is very new and strong in earthquake defense. 

I am physically very tired, thank God that my family and friends travel plan to japan were not fulfilled this time. Trains stopped, or not running as efficient as it is, so I am not going anywhere except staying in the room, and Kashiwanoha area, which is pretty safe compared to other areas. The Lord really put me here for a reason. I am glad that I am Japan now, as i know many of you feel like being here right on the spot. And if i am away from Tokyo, I will be very miserable because there would be very hard for me to get back to Tokyo and Kashiwa. 

When the earthquake happened, I was at the conference held at 14th floor. The new building was designed to swing with the quake, so that it could have a stronger defense for earthquake. The swing lasted for a good 15 to 30 minutes, with some immediate aftershocks in between. Then we were evacuated. I was on my heels because of conference, therefore the evacuation of taking the stairs and long hours of standing and walking kills...... :-) no one was hurt in my department. The next day, I walked to the station and got home at about six thirty in the evening. It was a long and exhausted journey, but the Lord had preserved me, and I was able to hop into the trains and bus, as long as I got through the long cue into the station. An old short lady beside me cued for 4 hours before she could get into the station, and she nearly miss her only train back to Nagano. I believe the same goes with many others. As I got home, my friend Bai Bing was waiting me to get home, and quickly served me with food, because she imagined the tiredness and exhaustedness that I would have. The Lord is good, isn't he?

A few things that I observed were people are very disciplined here, although there are much fear, but they are still very concern and helpful for others. A gradually lost social capital and social bond among neighborhood is slowly restored along with this tragedy. My cleaning lady knocked on my door this morning, and forcefully stuck 5000 yen into my pocket. She said that is a gift from her so that I could buy my mom a coffee when she is here. I told her that the flight was canceled, and they are not coming. Yet, she never give up in forcing the money to me. She was afraid that she might not get to meet me again. Her husband just gradually recovered from stroke, although our place is not affected, but I could imagine the inconvenient and fear that the aftershocks bring to the family with immobile patients. Do keep them in your prayers. 

Convenient shops and supermarkets in Tokyo/Kashiwa area run out of convenient food like onigiri, sandwiches, breads, puddings, and bottled water. The trains reduce their schedules, and some stopped running to ensure safety as well as saving energy. The earthquake had impaired 3 nuclear plants, and there is a short of electrical supply. Tokyo Power Station had planned out some saving electronic plans, so that places in Kanto area will take turns in cutting short of 3 hours electric supply to ease the situation. My place was schedule to have electric cut off this morning, but somehow it was avoided for some reasons. 

Many Christians organizations were formed. This quake had stirred them into the deepest of their hearts. With this, i could keep still and  rest until I am needed again. I had rarely felt such peace and love as present, somehow looking at CRASH relief for Tohoku, Christian Tohoku network, and the active communications taken by Lesley Tong in Heart4Japan Ireland and UK, the respond from the Kansai area for the work in tohoku, I see unity began to form across denominations. I sense a pleasing aroma to our Father's heart. Yes, Lesley is right, there is nothing that I can do now for what others are not doing. It is time for me to rest. Switching on the news, alerting, listening, and praying, I went to sleep. This morning, I receive survival news from Aomori-shi and Hachinohe. Yumi Sasaki reported that Sasaki Sensei and Kurakazu Sensei were both safe. 

All the people that I worked with were reported safe. That is the comfort that I have. Yet, there are thousands and thousands of people who lost their family members, houses, properties, and left with fears and traumas for future. We need to pray for God's intervention. 

My prayer partner in HK sent me an email revealing what God was telling her last evening, and I prayed about it. There were two messages, and I believe the first message is for the Church, a unify body, wherever we are located, US, Japan, China... the second message is for the Japanese hurting and wounded people. Followed is the message, 


Glad to know that u're alright.
Rmb the email i sent u b4 abt some Japanese that I met in HK. I could meet her here coz she and her team receive a msg from God to come & restore the relationship b/w Chinese & Japanese. It was on 4th March, a week b4 the tsunami. I think there's a close relationship b/w what's God's doing in the churches and the disaster. May be this is the time for the churches in China/Hong Kong to gather and pray for Japan in Unity.

There are something that some of my frds/me hv received when we pray for Japan,
1. This is a 烈怒 from God. but "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14). This is the time for the church to be united, repent and return to the Lord. "He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity. Who know? He may turn and hv pity and leave behind a blessing." (Joel 2:13-14) or else there may be another wave of hazard.

2. Psalm 91. This is a blessing from the Lord. When I pray for Japan, I used these verses to pray for her.
v.4 He will cover u with his feathers, and under his wings u will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
v.7 A thousand may fall at ur side, ten thousand at ur right hand, but it will not come near u.
v.11-13 for he will command his angels concerning u to guard u in all ur ways; they will lift u up in their hands, so that u will not strike ur foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; u will trample the great lion and the serpent.

v.14-v.16 Because he loves me, "says the Lord, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

So I bless Japan, in His Name that his protection and salvation may come to Japan and be with her. When his ppl call upon his name, he would listen and hv compassion on them.

Bless you with Love,
Carol Fu

This morning, I received another email from Lesley Tong, the staff of Heart4Japan Ireland and UK,

Hi Roseline,

I wanted to encourage you as I believe God has moved my Spirit to take faith and believe God is very much in control. In spite of this greta sorrow I feel God is going to ripen the field for harvest. I believe that He is currently raising His people in Japan to really show how much He loves the Japanese and that they will notice by the actions of our brothers and sisters out there.

I know it is still early, but I believe that God will use what's left of this tragedy and I feel this will be part of His revival in Japan! I have faith and pray with hope that this is true.

So I just wanted to email you to encourage you! Do not wear yourself out as this is not helpful to anyone. Take care of yourself and have faith and praise God, because I'm sure God has a better plan for Japan than we could ever know!

Much love and prayers to you Roseline

I have posted links that you could be updated with the news about Christians, about Japan earthquake in facebook and my blog, you can access to the messages by clicking the link below, under my signature too. These are trustable and valid sources. 

Christians efforts that you could sign in and receive immediate news, and how to help out and donate your offers.

Heart4Japan channel now will only report things that the others have not reported. so that you don't get your mailbox jam with repeated message. If there is a message that I should tell, i will send messages to you. An email like this cause me around 2 hours in writing. :-p I am very slow and cautions when writing... sorry.... Therefore, please allow me to reserve my energy in resting, searching, updating information for prayers concern. 

If there is any specific questions that the above channels do not answer, feel free to email me. Please forgive me if my reply is short. God bless you!!! 

Thank you,

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