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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Deaf Friend Who Is In Hunger For God

My dear friends,

Introducing a friend...Winnie, deaf
I would like to highlight to you a person, a friend of mine, a deaf Christian lady. She had came to know the Lord 2 years ago, We have been sharing a lot and witnessing each other's growth. She always amazed me, I think God must have probably introduced her to my life to set a fire in my heart, and to encourage me to move on in times that I'm down and having fears. She is Winnie, the girl in the picture at the right of the top corner of this blog.

Hunger For Christ
She went to the Chinese church because she wanted to learn more about Christ. She does her bible study and she prays fervently. She has her quiet time with the Lord, asking him many questions and being settled with many comforts in Him. She had boldly came in to the "hearing" world, and communicate with people, join them in worship and services to the Lord. She always know about her disability, but she has a dream. A dream that leads people to the Lord with effective ways, a dream that being an example to the deaf that they can live normally in the "normal" world, a dream to be missionary, to tell people about Christ, Peace, Love and Hope!

Test Of Faith
Many times, she cries in the night, feeling that she needs to respond the Lord, fulfilling her duties as a Christian, being called by the Lord. She is just simple, and wants to grow and be deepened in the Lord! Recently she was struggling on a test of faith. She wants to go to Korea for a Christian deaf camp in October, she had not thought about it earlier, but she was encouraged by the Lord in early September. After many prayers, she knew that she had to go...

Here is her testimony...... ( her original work )

Dear my friends,

How are ya duin there? Its a good testimony indeed and I think you should read it. Then you will know how truly God is so good towards you so far...

I have been thinking about going to Korea recently, a quite long time... It's due to my facing financial problem. Sometimes,i become scared and started thinking nonsense. Hence, there were some of my friends send me some SMS messages asking whether I have confirmed on going to Korea with them or not and i have transfered money to her bank account for airplane ticket payment or not. On that moment, I feel stressful yet still confused. Since i am like that, then I started to pray for God as well as I need His help to guide me on leading my life to the right path.

At nite, I have chatted with Pastor Kim from South Korea on MSN. We were discussing about the trip to Korea. I felt sorry for them because they are facing with their trouble which I brought. After that, I need to take rest n try make a laidback on my brain. Next afternoon, I prayed to God again and this time, i asked Him whether I should go to Korea and tried to get some hints from Him as I was willing to obey His Will and Command giving my life to Him as well. Then i have made up my decision to draw money from my bank account. I was actually worried when i checked my bank account. My saving left so not much for me. It can be told that its my own fault because I was really spendthift. I feel that I myself am really useless. However, I still transfered my money into my friend's account bank.Finally i suddenly felt so peaceful and better even than before. Thanks to God, He gave me such a feeling. I was so touched. I praised Him so much in my heart.

Then, I went to my hometown visiting my family altogther with my sister's bf who fetched me from Kuala Lumpur. Upon my departure for Kuala Lumpur, there came up with people handling moneys to me and this person is my father indeed. I felt like my eyes almost filled with tears... God is faithful and He truly never broke His promise on me as He have said before. Then, there came again with people giving me money and its my sister. They are really care about me. Hallelujah Lord!!!
May God overflow His bless on you always!!!!

With Love,
Winnie Wei

Why do I care about Winnie?
I was touched, many times by just looking at her. The way she worship, the way she responded to the altar calls, the way her tears roll in her eyes whenever she hears a message of crucifies, and knowing the Unreached. She had came to Heart4Japan to hear about the Lost Kingdom. She had always been giving sacrificially to others. And she gave to me too.

She makes a good impression to everyone who sees her and knows her. She tried to knock on every mission door: OM, OMF, Baptist Missions, "Is God going to open a door for me? Can I serve you, Lord? I'm a deaf, I'm disable, how could I serve you O LORD, teach me!" These are her cries.....

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