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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Different States Of Mind

Being a Light

I began to see a shift in my mind state, as I prayed about "being a light". The prayer went like this:
(i) Jesus, send me as light. So that people will see, and know that you are God!
(ii) Jesus, send me as light. So that people can come, the devil can hold them no more in darkness or cold!
(iii) Jesus, send me as light. So that I can give people a warm embrace!

When I seriously thought about it, I saw a clear difference in the mind states of these prayers that had been made. Although I had asked for the same thing: Send me as light!

In the states of mind:
First prayer: Your power is great! Reveal through me! Let people see, let themknow, let them not judge me wrongly!
Second prayer: Break the bondage, O God! The devil cannot clutch them in its hand! Free your people!
Third prayer: I'm going in, bringing your light. I'm going to touch them, and hug them with your love!

There were nothing wrong about the three mind states. But there would be a clear difference in what the setting probably would be. The setting of the first two prayers was a setting on stage, perhaps an Evangelical Crusade. The setting of the third somehow was very personal and home base.


Maybe you would ask, "What's wrong with her? Why do we need to differentiate these when the outcome is the same? We want to be the light, that's all!"

No, the answer is the outcome will not be the same. "Being the light" is not the outcome that I'm looking at. Maybe to us, yes. But to God, I think to send us being a light, there is a further outcome that he wants to see. That is the impact on the people in his Kingdom and outside his Kingdom door. What interest him is the power of his words that had been released. What we will do or achive will definitely be from our hearts. And our states of mind will be at parellel.

Changing from state to state

While I was praying the first prayer, and I was not on the stage. I was actually saying this, "God, I'm weak, I'm no man of respect of your people. How could I speak? Shine through me! So that people will not see me acting as my own, but I'm acting according to your purpose. O God, let me not be ashamed!" At that state of mind, I would not bravely go out and tell people about God, about eternity, but I would be waiting for a confirmation, an embrace from God, to comfort my soul and my vulnerable state of mind! What I wanted was a confirmation, something like Jeremiah 1:7.

But as I prayed the third prayer, I was ensured, and embraced by God's love. The confidence was there, the hope was there, and therefor I could be the light bearer, to go into disaster states of mind, to begin to recognize, to reconcile, to love and care and tender the wounds in our souls.


The power of mind is great! Our interpretation of message is clearly at the state of our mind. For example, when you are hungry, and you walk down the stairs of your apartment, you begin to smell the fragrance of the roast duck, the sweat, the heat of people going in and coming out from the restraunt, you will be clear that the time is seven o' clock in the evening, and you had not eaten anything from the morning. But when you are full, walking down the stairs of your apartment, you might just see the street, focusing on your task, or you might look at people, seeing the food hanging at the stores, but you would have no desire of tasting it. Walking down the stairs were the same action. But a different physical state has a different manipulation of mind, and that will determine what we would probably do next in a normal circumstance.

May this article bless you as much as it does to me. Amen.

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