Why Japanese?

The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Progress - October 06

Bible Study & Prayer Meeting
Thanks for your prayers! I am now leading a bible study and also a prayer meeting with Heart4Japan in Hong Kong every Monday afternoon. Please continue to pray for me for strength and wisdom, and being able to remain in His quietness and hear His voice. After all, praying is about searching Him deeply and getting closer to His heart.

Devil's interruption...
The devil had been trying hard to challenge God and interrupt His plans, but it wouldn't work. After 3 days staying in my windy apartment, I found a cigarette on my bed and left a burnt mark on my bed sheet. As I investigated, I found different and strange settings in each floor, and idolatry is really a bondage to many of the local residents. Then the next day, my kitchen started to " rain" as a result of improper plan of upstairs renovation. Yesterday there was no wind in my apartment and also some funny cooking smell. But no worries, God fix it all! The devil can't beat God. When God is with me, who can be against me? Amen. All things work for the good of the people who love Him! Jesus is great, hurray! God will continue to use this place to convey the message of Christ to the others!

God is Aware! He makes me glad...
God certainly knows about my needs! He always send right people at the right time! I met some deaf on Friday evening who knows how to communicate with American Sign Language after the unpleasant cigarette incident, and got my first pay to buy the necessaries in the kitchen. Then on Saturday, I was able to share Christ for 20 minutes and prayed with someone at home (though the kitchen began to rain after that). On Sunday, I was being led to this Cantonese Church of ICA, and there I was able to fellowship with the young adults and see the fireworks for more than 20 over minutes. Monday, I had a call from a friend which I missed so much, and it was really great because God must had made him to call me to encourage me to continue walking in His faithfulness! How Great Thou Art, He has great plans for me :-)

And I finished my assignment on time! each assignment would take me at least 3 full days of reading and thinking and organizing in order to complete a 800 words essay. I'm still figuring if I should do the 5000 words project or the 1500 words dissertation for the final term. I want to be effective in my tent-making business here as a student, a researcher, as well as the future missions possibilities.

Prayer Items:
1. Effectiveness in the ministry of Heart4Japan and the leading of bible study.

2. Effectiveness as a student.

3. Masa San, the 19 years old boy. Please pray for him. He was admitted to the hospital for asthma in Thailand last week. He had been a brave boy, he had not had any problems while he was in Japan, but somehow he was kept injured on the ship or at the dock in some strange ways. It could be largely due to spiritual attacks rather than his carelessness.

4. Makoto San. Please continue to pray for him as he had been caughing and having headaches in Cambodia.

5. Hoka-hoka Cafe's business has dropped based on the heavy competition. Pray that the Lord will keep His eyes on this business, as Louis had been boldly proclaiming Christ at this place, and using his restaurant as a point for meetings and fellowships. Blessed is the one who serves the Lord! Bless his business, enable Louis to be a sender or welcomer while he is waiting to go.

6. Continue to pray for Kazue and Rie for their re-adapting into Japan. Pray for strength and courage to proclaim Christ freely.

7. Pray for Heart4Japan in Malaysia and Vision Renewal in the church!

Oh, ya... HK is entering Autumn now, so it is windy and nice. But then, my started to have pimples on my face......:-(


Swee Gim said...

Hi Roseline,

Thanks for your update and praise God for giving you the strength to press on. Just paused to pray for you and also for Makoto as I read that he is not well.

Swee Gim

Winnie said...

I read your blog, thanks for it. It's pity on them in Japan. Its really dangerous. Hopefully, God knows what to do with the people in Japan and He controls on it.

Catherine said...

Dear Rose,

God is so great! Glad to hear that you led bible study and prayer meeting with Heart4Japan in HK every Monday afternoon. Praise the Lord, He use you as His instrument to speak forth. I agree to the words " devil' s interruption" , which appeared in your mail to me. Let' s pray to our Hevenly Father, He will protect you against the devils which try to form weapons aginst you. Trust Him, He will lead you through !

There is one thing I' ll like to know, that is, do I still need to contact Air Asia Reservation Center about our flight to HK ?

I guess the autumn season in HK wil be windy and dry. So, take care yourself and drink more water to keep your body healthy ! Don't be stingy with your food, ok ?

May God be with you at anytime, anyhow and anywhere !