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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mixing external with indigenous elements

History suggested that simple acceptance of foreign models was an unlikely outcome, and that ultimately a creative solution might emerge, mixing external with indigenous elements(Stockwin J.A., Series Editor's Preface. The Japanese Highschool: Silence and resistance. Routledge. 1999).

Anyone who study about Japan find this a truth.

Citing examples: Pure Land Buddhism, Kakure Kirishitan, Kanji etc.

Japanese is just so creative in hunger of new materials, and without "forgoing" the traditional custom, they merge the different origin together and become real "Japanese", a new sect of teaching begin to emerge.

Has the Gospel being presented in its form? Has the Japanese accepted the Gospel in its pure form? I would like to gather a feedback from the scholars and workers on the field.

When Paul and the early disciples presented Gospel in Rome, in Greek, in Darmacus. Although Christians were being persecuted, but the Gospel was free and the message of "Freedom in Christ" was undoubted. People chose to believe in Christ, or follow Him by facing the risk of "alienated" and persecution, to trade-off a bigger FREEDOM in life. Therefore, Gospel is Good News!

But why in Japan, Gospel became a secret? In the highly conform society, is there any different from the Jews society where the Pharisees was greatly exalted and in charged. Of course there are a lot of differences!

My question is how Gospel is perceived today by the general public? Or by the fellow Christians themselves? As Louis boldly confessed himself as a Christian before his clients, they regard this religion is such a "bondage". Why?

Is it the law of our sinful nature that deny the freedom in Christ? Or a tactic of Satan that block people to Christ by putting scales in their eyes? Or we had again, adopted Christ Freedom, and mixing it with our own values and perceptions, turning it into a "bondage" which we were not aware of?

Note: This blog is welcome of discussions and feedbacks which the workers would like to share about their work in the field, and doubts and concerns that would trigger another thought and concern or perhaps solution. I'm a learner, and through learning, I have a lot of questions. I hope that by jotting down the parts and pieces of what I learn will help the next runner to gain. Shalom!

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My Ha said...

Dear Rose,

I do believe when He places you there,He will give you the spiritual insight.
Like in Vietnam,people in Southern side is more easy to listen to and accept Jesus and Gospel than the people in Northen side.Why?Our North side was influenced by Chinese's culture for thousand of years,like Chinese New Year,or Middle Autumn Festival are adopted from China .. even now lots of Vietnamese people do not know what is the idols name they are worshipping,you can see original Vietnamese put some Chinese words in their worship place knowing nothing about it .If you have a chance approach the Central Part of Vietnam,can see the view clearly as the design of Chinese citadel constructed there very long long time ago..
You mentioned "bondage" in your email,for me this is the work of dark power which using environment,culture as well as history and people 's characters to prevent people come to Christ.However,God works miracelously to save VN through migrant workers,mostly from Northern VN who labour in oversea like M'sia,Korea,Germany..etc...They are saved because of God's work and the Gospel they hear in foreign country.
Just somethings to share.But when we are influenced by environment's insight than spiritual insight,we may fall into a big obstacle and trapped as seeing a big mountain infront of us.I used to as already shared with you last time.
May the Lord gather people and ministry to work at Japanese's field.I remember you in my prayer,my dear friend.


San M.H.