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Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

China Again Raise Anti-Japan Climate - Can Christian Makes A Different?

With referring to this news:

Every now and then, the Chinese Central government will try to raise Anti-Japan climate. First of all, it is a tool to keep the citizen busy, as well as to dilute the anger towards the government on several internal issues. Would the anti-Japan emotional crisis ever be resolved? Are we able to get our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in China to begin to see their "POVERTY" ? Indeed, they need Christ to intervene their lives?

And of course, introducing Christ to the Japanese, is giving them a chance to Heaven. Are we willing to bless the people who had once hurt us? Are we able to be a true disciple of Christ?

Well, they need to repent for the crime of the nation, I agree! But that would not give them credit for salvation. Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone! We need to be very aware of that.

Besides, general Japanese suffer a lot during the war, after the war, and now. There are one Japanese who suicide every 15 minutes each day! People are disillusion, and they see no meanings in lives, this is nation that needs CHRIST! May we pray that the LORD will guard our hearts and lead us into prayers. Amen.

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