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The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

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Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

We are blind to the needs of 2% of total human population a sorrow that leads from suicide linking to the unsaved nation

For every suicide it is claimed that on average six people suffer intense grief. The burden of suicide is immense. Those affected include parents, partners, children, siblings, friends, colleagues at work, and clinicians. Are we providing care to these populations?

The bereaved (The left behinds...)
Specific experiences that seem to be more common in people bereaved by suicide include stigmatisation, shame and guilt, and a sense of rejection. Feelings of guilt and blame may be linked to a quest to understand why the suicide occurred. Bereaved people may blame themselves for contributing to the death. Guilt and shame are, understandably, likely to be on the parents.

The lack of social support and increase of the isolation of the bereaved person, had brought attention to the public health practitioners. The sense of rejection associated with bereavement by suicide was increased vulnerability.

The symptoms are global, the impact of one suicide has not differed from one location to another. While the social health workers had noticed these problems, Church, are we still blind? Or make it easier, we prefer to dim it given the reason that this is too complex for us to handle?

The Needs
Each year, there are about 33 thousand people suicide in Japan alone. The bereaved would be 0.2 million a year. In past 10 years, we have more than 2 millions of Japanese suffered from mental illness and social deprivation just by suicide alone! Are we aware of the need for LOVE and HOPE in this population? Who can do more than the power of Christ?

Do we smell the Danger?
In the same time, the tension of aging rate and new-born rate is tearing the socialeconomic in Japan apart. Are we seeing the facts? Are we still standing there folding our hands, murmuring to ourselves that, "Ah, Japan is rich enough to take care of her own business!" The new prime minister in Japan had declared that he would not give in to the public pressure in visiting Yasukuni Shrine or giving honor to the death souls of the war criminals. Having the baby male hire in the royal palace had further dim the rights of women in Japan. Hikikomori, Ijime, children homicides and internet suicides are getting more prevalence, and began to spread its devilish influence to the neighboring countries. Do we see the risk? Or in a more simple word, do we smell the danger?

Time To Pray
Isn't this TIME TO PRAY? Church! He said, "the harvest is plenty, the workers are few!" He said, "Who will go for me?"

The largest APARTHEID
The time is near, Church! It is no more a personal vision about the land of Japan. If we are serious about the cry of "BACK TO JERUSALEM", if we are so serious about evangelizing China to carry out her duty to bring gospel back to the Middle East, if we are spending tons and tons of energies and money on the missions, aren't we aware that the huge lost here on this land? If Christ come tomorrow, the largest single monocultural, homogeneous people in the world, 127 millions of lives will be perish before our eyes! When we talk about nations, and REVIVAL in Asia, are we not ashame for this "neglection?" A single nation that make up 2% of the total population on earth. There is no excuse that we can deny the "Spiritual Poverty" and the urgent needs in this land!

Are we being called to pray?
If we believe that God had not called us to plow on this land, fine! But AT LEAST, can we pray for the good work that He already begun in this land? The people, the watcher that He had raised for His Kingdom? I believe that He is calling His children. I know God is stirring a fire in the nation on this matter. I found many devoted Christians had chose Japan as a place of vacation, and many love to be there for holidays. When I ask, I would hear them say, "Oh yes, it 's a country that full of idolatry, there are many social problems, but you know, unless God calls!"

Do we live for ourselves or we live for Christ once we believed? On who's grace that we are able to have vacation? Was the desire to visit Japan a mere cry of our body and soul? A random proposal? Or is it purposeful? A spiritual reminder for those who love God? I leave this to you.

I am no judge to judge anyone, all of us have to stand before Him on that day. But there is a constant cry in my heart, telling me that the work had been hindered for lack of prayers. Therefore, I pray that you see and hear it too. And LORD, have mercy on me! For I am weak to pray too. I'm strengthless, help me my Lord. I need you.

Evangelize the world will not achieved when the largest 2% is left behind the door! May God have mercy on us!

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Swee Gim said...

God bless your heart Roseline for your deep passion and love for the Japs!!
I can really see your love for them. Take heart and keep pressing on!

Swee Gim