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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Be One Tohoku Aid

Jumpei visited 2 cities in Tohoku region last week, and joined the relief work. He said, the area was completely destroyed and it was filled with sadness and hopelessness. And surprisingly people are still in need of food, clothes and so on... after almost 3 weeks were passed.
On thing that he mentioned in his letter not only touched me,
"I had a chance to pray for one lady and she started to cry while I was praying.
They need healing and love from God! I believe this is the time for Japan!"

but triggered me for ... a memory in BeiChuan....
I remember the lady that I prayed for during Sichuan earthquake 3 years back. She was one of the very few survivors from BeiChuan, the town where two mountains joint into one.  The PTSD made her couldn't utter any word clearly, but just shaking terribly as she sees people. Her eyes were terrified. She hadn't spoken to anyone since, it was about the 10th day after the incident. I sat down quietly beside her, allow her to relate, and I started praying for her quietly, inside me. Then the MIRACLE came... she began to quiet down, and she laid her head on my shoulder, and then I hold her in my arms, and told her I'll pray for her softly. Then I prayed, not in her dialect, but in my own language. I felt serenity, and felt the Holy Spirit was doing something in between us, something very special in her. I left her alone after that, leaving the Lord to do what He wants with her. After 15 minutes, I went back, she looked so different. She came down from her bed, to look for me, and she hold my hand, and it was no longer tears in her eyes, but serenity of calmness... the atmosphere totally change.... http://heart4japan.blogspot.com/2008/05/power-of-his-love.html

There are more than you could imagine for what a prayer would do. 

The Be One group set up a ministry called "Be One Tohoku Aid"


They are planning to send team from Osaka to Tohoku about three times a week with cars and trucks full of supplies and food. 

Jumpei said, 

"Now we are thinking and praying that how we can help the area in long term.
I believe we have to stand up and star something for this nation.
This disaster caused a BIG FEAR among people in Japan.
I believe God will use this disaster and turn it into revival of Japan!!!"

Below is something that the Be One group is calling for, please join them in you are in Kansai.


Hope for Tohoku 東北への希望
日時:4月10日(日) 14:00-17:00

We would really like to come together with one heart as the body of Christ in Kansai to worship together,to hear testimonies from those who have gone to serve, and to pray together for the people of Tohoku.
Though it is short notice, it seems important at this time to come together and remind ourselves of Who this is all about and to lift these efforts and the people of Tohoku up in our united prayers.

Hope for Tohoku
Date/Time: Sunday, April 10, 14:00-17:00
Place: Osaka Christian Center

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