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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tsuda Christian Church, Kagawa, Shikoku.

At the second week, after the JCMN summit, I came to Tsuda Christian Church together with Ryohei and family. So there begin my third week of stay in Japan.

Kamo Ryohei had been a 11 years Christian, and he is attending seminary in Aichiken one week a month, preparing himself to be a pastor in the future.

The Tsuda Church that he is serving now seems to have a great and far vision. The church has around 70 people, and it had been served as the salt and light at Tsuda for 30 years now. 7489 population, 1 church. The church started a Christian school for the children three years back, 2 days later, the 4th year begin. A total of 15 students, 3 kindergarten children, 7 elemental school children, 4 middle school children, 1 high school child.

The idea of starting a Church School begin when the pastor's daughter (middle school) decided not to go to the normal school because of ijime. After prayers and careful consideration, the pastor thought about of starting a new Church School in this place, so that people can continue to go to school at the same time to learn about Jesus. Then, the first Church School in Shikoku began at April, 2006 with three students. Since then, it started to take in students of different background.

There are various wonderful testimonies to be shared, but I will choose one to tell. :-)

The story begins with a 2nd year middle school female student who refused to go to school. The mother was wearied. Everyday, when the mother go to work, she took the path outside the church and noticed the Church School was there. Finally one day she called the church to arranged a meeting. The pastor explained to her with the picture below:
The student is like a seed, only with the help of both parents and teacher, together with the church, then the seed will grow.
Keeping this in mind, the mother began to join the Church cell group. Though the situation had not changed much, however through joining the cell group, she was able to gain great strength and relieved. Very soon she became a Christian herself. The girl though not yet believe, but decided to stay in this school. Up to now, she had been here for one and a half year. The father had also visited the church sometimes ago, but still remain unbelieved.

The story has not ended at this point, I believe. Why don't YOU start to pray with me, together with this church, for the salvation of the girl and the father, perhaps as well as for the other students in this church who yet to be a Christian?
Tsuda Christian School
Address: 1249-4 Tsuruwa, Tsudamachi, Sanukishi, Shikoku. 759-2402
Tel/Fax: 0879-42-5170

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