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Monday, April 06, 2009


To have a better grip of アルバイト (part-time job), I will start working with Masanobu tomorrow in his restaurant for two days before I leave Tsudamachi. Let's see if this will help me to learn more about the working culture or to understand more about the feelings of hikikomori or young people who take up a part-time job as such. 

I will be out from 6.30am and back at around 9pm, I heard. :-p  A taste of アルバイト、期待します。This could be FUN!!!

So I better get all my works done before tomorrow! 楽しみね!


Daybreak said...

Go go Roseline! I bet that will be a great experience to you!!

Roseline said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Masanobu san ?? is it the one we met in HK youth summit?


Roseline said...

You are right! Is him! will upload more later, 疲れた!おやすみなさい。