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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ijime and Japan

Reading about Ijime, history of churches, questions on the truth of the bible, the practice of people, I began to ask a question. Must there be a reason for all things to happen?

An ex-adolescent Ijime commented on Ijime, "School leaders refuses to talk about it with te districts because they don't want to get bad ratings. Teachers don't want to discuss it with parents because they're afraid of being accused. Classmates don't defend their friends because they're afraid of also being marginalized. It's a vicious circle. "

For the above statement, I would like to recommend you to watch this movie, "All About Lily-Chow" Lily Chu-u no subete. I think it depicts a very good scene on this.

Finally, does Ijime only happen in Japan? Is it a unique culture? Have you ever been in this situation? Please share with us.

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