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Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas thought

My mom and my sis are with me for more than 16 days now. They were
supposed to leave this morning, but because of my own selfishness to
have them with me one more minute, and of my own carelessness in
budgeting the time for check in, they missed the cue.

God must had answered my prayers! It was really sad to send them off
this morning. And now, I have them with me for Christmas!(Poor boy, my
brother would need to stay alone for Christmas...) The next earliest
flight to home is on Dec26. And praise the Lord, we got a special rate
in the peak season!

This morning, as my sis sms me from Macau Airport, informing me that
they had missed the cue, it was very messy. I didn't have friends in
Macau, and I didn't know how to help. At that moment, I found it hard
to be still.

Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely,
who conducts his affairs with justice.
Surely he will never be shaken;
a righteous man will be remembered forever
He will have no fear of bad news;
his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.
His heart is secure, he will have no fear;
in the end he will look in triumph on his foes.

I prayed, and tried to concentrate to hear His voice and instruction,
for an answer of the situation, and direction on what to do next, but
I was too busy to listen. Contradicting, isn't it? My heart was
secure, but I just could not stand still.

On the way to Macau, I was full with wild thoughts, making all the
possible assumptions, trying to figure out a reason why would this
happen? How could I made such a silly mistake, and cause them into
such troubles? Then, I found myself using all those testimonies that
were once told to figure out a scene, that God had actually permit
this to prevent us from harm. Then, I convinced myself, there must be
someone in the airport that was so lost, and because of the miss, my
mom was preaching to them. Then, I imagine God will send His angel to
give generously to my family. Or maybe the air asia officer felt
sorry that they will change them to the next time without extra
charges! So many thoughts......

There were a serial of challenges and sad moments blending together
with the excitement of Heart4Japan within weeks just recently. My
church is calling me back because they thought it was too harsh for me
to be alone in Hong Kong, the finance needs, the workload of the
course, the unpromising plan to Japan as a public health expert. No
part time job available for about two months now. My landlord had
reduced the rent for me, but because it is difficult to find a nice
flatmate I might need to move to smaller place. In all these decisions
to make, I really need to be very still and listen to Him. "My sheep
recognize my voice." Jesus is my Shepherd! I need to learn to listen
regardless how busy and how noisy the surrounding is.

But then, the ministry was exciting! The pleasant of walking with the
Lord, telling people about Christ, witnessing Christ were amazing! I
am reaching out to some friends, please pray for a several friends of
mine: Bonnie, Nichole, Issa, Silent. Pray that God will work in them.
I found it hard with HM, She must had been hurt badly while she
attended church few years back. She will just shun away from anything
that is related to church. And she had only me as her friend. It is
very hard for me too not to talk about Jesus when I relate situations
to situations.

There are 2 places in Hong Kong now, started to pray for Japan in
group. I'm exploring more. God had given me opportunities to share
with a few churches on my vision about Japan. I believe that God will
raise some of these people to start praying for Japan! A church in
Shenzhen had started to incorporate Japan into their prayer agenda in
their regular prayer meetings. So, it made the numbers to three.
AMAZING! God is good!

I'm taking Hong Kong University and my dissertation in Public Health
as a means to Japan universities is not a secret in my faculty. My
supervisor knows about it, and it frees me from pretending. We have no
confidence on how this could be, but we'll work on it! It's a
challenge! A good one.

There are few things I'm for sure:
1. Even if at the finish of the course, I would not make it to Japan
with my research on Hikikomori or suicide, a well designed and written
dissertation will certainly help the workers on the field to tackle
the question. It would be able to link different experts together to
work towards youth issues. It will also contributes to research.
2. When I started Heart4Japan, it was never about me going to Japan.
It is about getting people to see Japan as a mission field, and get
people have interest in it, to pray, to go.
3. I cannot compare my life here with our field masters in Japan,
there are having much tougher time, much lesser time to sleep than me.
4. God is faithful! Things fall into His plan without us knowing it,
and He is always in control.
5. I had came to Hong Kong by faith, living in His providence even
when my faith was small. These are not only about His mercy on me.
Somehow I sense that this is His will to put me into the subject of
public health. Hong long more I would be able to stay, I have no
clues. If I need to move my tent, I'll move.
6. My Father is moving people for Japan, He is turning hearts of young
and old towards His Kingdom in Japan! "The Church will come in!" This
was His promise.

Merry Christmas! Everybody!

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