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The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

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Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Itinerary to Japan 09

It was a struggle trying to fix my itinerary to Japan with the limited resources that I have. As soon as I stripped  away all these physical "human" thoughts, He had quickly take away a few places (Kanazawa 金沢and Toyama富山) and replaced with another (Tohoku東北). The attraction of Kanazawa 金沢and Toyama富山 to me is the heavy sincere Buddhism practice, which might reserved as spiritual stronghold in spiritual setting, and Tohoku comprised of the top three highest suicide rate in the country. I am not sure what I will be able to see in Tohoku東北or Niigata新潟, but the map was drawn out and being confirmed these two days. If you know someone that I can work with when I travel to these places, please let me know. 

The uncertainties do not put me in doubt of this plan, in spirit I am rest assured. Compare to the down south trip, the up north trip is more like an expository trip, which reminds me about my first trip to Japan in 2005. 

Mar 23 - Arrival 
Mar 23 - 26 - Yokohama
Mar 27 -30 - Naganoshi, 壇田
Mar 31 - Apr 2 - JCMN Summit
Apr 2 - 8 - Shikoku, Sanuki
Apr 9 - 15 - Nara, 榛原町
Apr 16 - 22 - Osaka, 天王寺
Apr 23 - 29 - Osaka, Minami Osaka Fukuin Church
Apr 30 - May 7 - Nagoya
May 8 - 12 - Yokohama
May 13 - 17 - Saitama
Mar 18 - 29 - Iwate, Aomori, Akita, Sakata, Niigata
Mar 30 - Jun 1 - Yokohama
Jun 2 - 9 - Wakayama
Jun 10 - 13 - Nara, KBI
Jun 14 - 17 - Yokohama
Jun 18 - Departure

The missions of this 3 months trip to Japan is (i) to work with Heart4Japan members, (ii)to work with hikikomori, (iii) to establish connection with churches/bodies that we can work with in the future for resource sharing and interceding. As my position in Heart4Japan is fixed on research, I will continue to work on understanding the culture and social phenomenon from the social epidemiology perspective. 

Going to Yokohama横浜 is like "Touch Base" to me. My fellow worker Matthias Buerki and Justin Wrinn are serving in Yokohama横浜 at present, meeting Heart4Japan members is always a touch base practice for me. This will serve as (i) accountability, (ii) to share and pray with the information which we collected from the field. Saitama and Yokohama横浜 will be the meeting point with Heart4Japan members in Tokyo東京. Please feel free to contact me if you are available to meet. 

The trip to Nagoya名古屋 and Wakayama和歌山 will serve as retreat to me, will need some time to take rest with the support of friends: to pray, to seek time with the Lord, to gain strength in between battles. Don't ask me why I pick Nagoya 名古屋and Wakayama和歌山, perhaps just friends are there, perhaps I don't feel like working in Nagoya名古屋 and Wakayama和歌山, perhaps is another expository trip for me but less intense while compare to Tohoku東北...... I don't want to guess too much, but excited to see where the Lord is leading me this time. 

Akita 秋田 , Aomori青森  , Iwate岩手 , Niigata 新潟 ranked no. 1-4 of highest sucide rate in Japan. Generally believe is that the harsh weather and the hopelessness of elderly people are the major contribution to this phenomenon. There is always a burden in me to see these places with my eyes, to taste the spiritual atmosphere, and to seek Him of His heart for these spots and these people. I know no one at these places. Please kindly let me know if there is someone that I can work with in these areas. The area around Sakata酒田 had often came out while I imagine church planting ( I always thought if it happens, it will be at mountainous area, but Sakata 酒田 is located at seaside)

This trip is a trip that I had never dared to dream of. Knowing well the spiritual battle could be intense, and not knowing what to do as well because I felt so much unprepared. The trip to Nagano長野 is the same thing. But I believe that the LORD will have a good hand in this, so I TRUST Him.

Let's pray together with me!!! For I need your prayers and intercedes! Do watch over me!!!


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Anonymous said...

tho you are in the midst of a spiritual stronghold, don't be dismay, don't be discourage, bcos the Lord your God He is with you. The battles belong to Him. He is holding the spiritual victory. Just continue to listen & obey the Holy Spirit. He said we will do even greater things than Him in this interim period between His ascension & His 2nd coming. Be faithful & strong.