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Monday, March 03, 2008

Mourning over one who lost - remembering BEYOND

It's always painful to lost someone who is dear to us, or even someone who had impacted our lives. For Christians, because of our faith, the sorrow would be flushed by the ensure of Heaven in the love and mercy of Christ.

There was a band in Hong Kong in the mid 80's to mid 90's. And there was this singer, 黄家驹Ka Kui. Ka Kui was the main song writer for the band - BEYOND. There was a heavy message of peace and hope in their songs. Music was great, they introduced bridge into their music, and it was not common at that time. They were at the front line, silently striking difference, yelling for equity when the rest on the stage were still lingering in popular music.

They really had made a great impact in the youth! Marginal or not marginal, respected their work.

In 1993, he fell off a 3 meter platform head first while he was working with the Fuji Television. He was then admitted into Tokyo Hospital and died after spending several days in coma. He was 31.

He had a vision, a dream, and a fighting sprit, never gave up. Sometimes he wore a big cross at his neck, and it kept me wonder if he was a Christian? Had it been a time that he was seriously considering about this faith, had someone reached out to him? perhaps he had sometime in the past even had said the sinner's prayer? It had been 15 years after he had left, and I still had that thought in me. A hope to see him in Heaven one day, and talk to him, tell him how much we miss him, just like a friend. O Lord, have mercy!

I thank God for all the people that had impacted my life, yet there are so many that I love and know do not know Christ! It's very uneasy to see such person leave us without knowing Christ. We talked about mourning in the last bible class, and you would be surprise that I'm constantly in pain mourning for my love ones who died before they became a Christian. And that feeling of lost and sadness created a big hole in my heart, and this is painful.

And I begin to think over this again, if I would mourn over the lost of someone that much, what more the mourn of the Lord to the lost of His people?

O Japan, how should I forget you?There are 128million people in Japan that do not know Christ. And many are fading away because of their age! Japan is not getting any further without Christ, in both physical or spiritual sense! People are dying without Christ in Japan! 100 people suicide in a day of average. The figure equals to the average total death in a year for Hong Kong. What would God think about this situation? Would he mourn over Japan?

O Lord, I plea to thee, not one to be lost!

Below is a video clip in remembering of Ka Kui, setting aside what we had missed in this young man's life and talent, what I felt the biggest miss is if we do not meet in Heaven......

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