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Saturday, February 23, 2008

SUKIYAKI = I look up as I walk?

To listen to the "SUKIYAKI" song, please click on "SUKIYAKI".
The correct translation of the title of this song is "I Look Up As I Walk"

taken from youtube video, uploaded by stereodyles.

The first time for Japan pop music hit into the pop charts of the world (1963) -- SUKIYAKI Song sung by Kyu Sakamoto.

The song was so popular, that it was "translated" into English version and being sung by popular artist then. Yet, the translation was never what the original song meant. Even as we are excited about the fantastic ideas we are going to present and the wide open opportunities in front of us, yet there are also chances of people who are only interested with the rythm more than the meaning of the lyrics.

But nevertheless, "All things work together for the benefit of the people who loves Him". So let us not be discouraged, but just be "aware", be "alert", and be "OPEN" of the work of the Holy Spirit at this time.

God bless you!

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