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Monday, February 18, 2008

J Gospel hits Japan

Our friend Joe Ozawa had sent us a great news, exciting and idea provoking! Marking another benchmark of Japan gospel.

Friday, February 15, 2008
J Gospel hits Japan

By Michael IrelandChief Correspondent,


While the world still marvels at Japanese Technology, Japanese Fashion and Japanese Food, a quiet revolution is taking place in the small Island on the other side of the world. Known as J-Gospel, a new musical phenomenon is growing and spreading and beginning to exert influence similar to J-Pop and other forms of Japanese music that have taken over Asia by storm. According to Kaori Yamamoto one of the leading voices in the genre, "J-Gospel is in a sense a going back to our own roots. Many people do not know that gospel music has been sung in Japan for centuries, as far back as the first century when boatloads of refugees from the mainland came to Japan in search of freedom." In particular,in the 17th century the music of Kirishtan was Japanese, indigenous and spread through the country, Yamamoto said. "Following World War II, American Gospel spread throughout Japan and in the early 90s there was boom in Black Gospel Music which resulted in many choirs and even a television program on the main Government Channel.

Partly in reaction to that and partly in a going back to their roots in indigenous forms of the genre, Yamamoto and others are seeing the birth of a completely Japanese version.
"Ranging from `Ryukyu Gospel` with the haunting tones of Japan`s southernmost Island, Okinawa to `Enka Gospel` written in the traditional Japanese musical style, J-Gospel has spawned a weekly Radio Program, soon moving to TV, Live concerts throughout the country and its own label," he said.From February 27 to March 2, in Shinjuku in central Tokyo, J-Gospel fans are preparing for what is being billed as the introduction of the genre to the world.Entitled Gospel Legend the five-day event in one of Japan`s premier venues will be featuring in addition to Kaori Yamamoto, J-Gospel bands such as Hide-C, Kiki, Yoshi Blessed, Route of Soul and more.
Event producer Yoshi Ikarashi says: "Starting from one of Japan`s key venues we are planning over a five day period to introduce J-Gospel to Japan and the world. Following the introduction in Japan, we are planning to taking J-Gospel to the world."

Japan`s newest invention is seen by some experts as a possibility to finally revive the last time a Japanese song hit the pop charts of the world -- in 1963 when the `Sukiyaki Song` sung by Kyu Sakamoto hit number one on the US Charts.

Yamamoto, Ikarashi and the other J-Gospel artists and their fans are convinced this can happen again beginning on April 27 in the heart of downtown Tokyo.

For more information on Gospel Legend,

contact:03-5780-1111/1113 info@kirisuto.com

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Shane said...

Very interesting Rose. Where can we go to hear some of this J-gospel music?