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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Needing prayers for M

I need prayers for the young adults (staffs to be) in the hiki cafe. 

First, Please pray for Staff M.  

The place where he stay is about 20 minutes drive from the cafe. He had joined the cafe for two years now, and we have managed to go through some of the hardest ups and downs in his life. He was in a shock that his car had to be scrapped, because he can't afford the repair cost. As there is not much public transport option, where bus is about 1~2 hours once, he felt that he had no other option than to stay in door, until he gets a new car again. (... he planned to save money from the nenkin, which will take about 8 months at least>) I was trying to sort out options for him, but then none of the advises can go into his heart. I think I have neglected his grieve and fear for his car and future. My advises were offered at a wrong timing. 

Please pray with me few things here:
 i) for peace of God to fill his heart;
 ii) for restoration of friendship and trust between us;
 iii) peace, patience and love in my heart (when I get too busy, I don't have enough of patience); 
iv) ways to provide for his need; 
v) hope and understanding where he needs not to fear when God has a good plan for him.

 p/s: he is not yet a Christian, but he has been in church with us. May the Lord lead him to faith using this opportunity.

M is the first guy at the left. 

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