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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hiki Social Cafe Updates and Prayer Needs

The renovation was completed, and the total cost was 2.8 million yet. We thank God that the budget was met. 

Another good news is that, since Mar 25, we successfully registered the cafe under the wings of NPO (non profit organization, similar to NGO in the States), meaning that we formed a "company" for the hikikomori. The "company" is unique in a way that we don't make money, and we need social and financial support which is recognized by the government. 

Prayer 1: Please pray that the communication of the REAL NEEDS of the cafe and hikikomori people with the involved parties will be smooth and successful.

Prayer 2: a hikikomori young adult, Masanobu, who attended the cafe since Feb 2014 is growing out from his shyness, having more confidence, and leading some of the main activities in the cafe. Please pray for mental stability and boldness, so that he will not be scared by the burden than come along with these new challenges.

Prayer 3: I discovered that there is a habit of self-defeating in the young adults that I ministering to. When they finally gain motivation to move on, the negative comments will put more weight over the positive comments. This is probably deal to very low self-esteem, and tendency of self-defeating that mixed up with personal pride. Please pray for God's peace and love to remain and chase away all darkness in their brains and hearts.

Prayer 4: A neighborhood grant officer approached us to apply for a neighborhood grant. It looks like a good news to us, but as we start applying, the process is sickening, and we find that they are not interested in supplying what we really need, eg. the rental and appliances fees (cafe maintenance). The miscommunication brings a lot of confusion and disbelief between both parties. I don't feel like going ahead, but Masanobu is excited to lead the project. So, please pray for us that the organization of the neighborhood fund will have interest to know more about the practical needs of the hikikomori people and the cafe.

Prayer 5: I find my health gets worse when I am under too much pressure. The duties of the jobs that I involve in are getting heavier, and I have many deadlines to meet. Please pray that I will see His will and allow Him to lead in all duties and deadlines that I have to meet.

Prayer 6: Please pray that the city government will adopt the ministry very soon, hopefully in this year. Meanwhile, we are facing huge financial burden just trying to maintain the cafe. Now the burden is stretched over to the incomes form my jobs, and the hikikomori users themselves. In past 20 months, the hikikomori users were paying 0 ~ 100 yen every time when they visit the cafe. From May, the fees was increased to 500 yen (almost 4.5 dollars or RM15.50 or HKD33) per visit. I do feel that is a bit too much burden on them as they are all jobless without income. And personally, I don't think I can meet the end without committed supporters. We also need enough financial support from the supporters. Lay supporters and city governments support will need to back up each other in order to maintain the cafe. 

I keep having supporters who suggest that we should make money from the cafe, so that it can be self sustainable. Eventually yes, it will, but it will take years in order to have that fulfilled. We will need you to think that the purpose of the cafe is NOT making profit. Trying to make a profit with the hikikomori cafe in a town/city who has the least GDP, highest aging rate, and highest unemployed rate is like running a "feeding the poor" program, and demanding food fees from the one you are feeding the food to. Does it make sense? We will need to invest on this good work without expecting financial returns, but spiritual grow and the grow of opportunity to bridge between gospel and society. 

Prayer 7: Please pray for supporters who understand the purpose and will of this ministry. 

             We need your prayers to move the mountains!

Bless you.
Please contact me personally if you wish to commit yourself for financial giving. 
Or, if you like to be an anonymous giver, this is the ministry bank account. 

Bank Name: THE AKITA BANK, LTD. Beneficiary name: Hikiya Account number: 1053712 Branch code: 311 Branch: Omagari Swift Code: AKITJPJT
Address: Japan, Akita Prefecture, Daisen City, Omagari, Suwacho 1-6-46.

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