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Monday, August 06, 2012

Need Prayers for 2 Things Concerning the Work on Hikikomori

Dear Friends,

Need your prayers for those who are concerns about the work with hikikomori!
2 things going on at present:

1. the hikiya 光希屋 project, a project that hopes to get the social withdrawn youths to "initiate" something on their own, to experience challenges that require them to be on their feet. (will explain more later hopefully by Sep)

We will need:-
 i) a place to do that, please pray for sponsors!
ii) the social withdrawn youths who are involve will be lifted up by the Holy Spirit, as there will be physical and psychological barriers where the enemy is definitely using those as schemes against them.
It is amazing that there are some people who are willing to "dream", I need your prayers to uphold them! "Openness" and "Trust" are the keys, which are coming forth, but still far to go.

2. I have sent a paper to Qualitative Health Research on July 17, and they are slow in responding. The report is a result of the effort in these 5 - 6 years working with hikikomori. I owe them this. Their voices need to be heard. There are many more reasons that the paper need to be published, including if I can continue to be of a position to work with these people in the way that I am working now.

The study attained a lot of attention of peers in the field, some senior editors, but the paper never went through the junior editors on the reasons that the focus of the topic was not of their interest. Most feed back that they were hoping that I could revised it in a way that fits the current theory. But that is not my intention in this study. I figured out the response was out of poor understanding and misconception of this topic. The rejection may due to 3 main reasons: i.) my poor presentation, ii.) the bias of the editor, iii.) my reluctance to appeal. 

Would this also be the devil scheme? I don't know. I see a lot of obstacles and hindrances these years while working in this area, sometimes it nearly kills me, sometimes it makes me depressed. But at the same time, the Lord opens doors and enables me to due with the impossibles. I am also getting a bit anxious, as my study visa is coming to an end by next March. Where should I go, and how should I work with the Japanese will become an issue. While continue to have faith in God is one point, having at least some assurance of being able to continue to work in the field is another point. Without published papers, it is difficult to get a teaching nor research position in the institutions.

Please pray with me.
Please share with me if the Lord tells you something. Sometimes, I might miss out what He says. Thank you, and lots of love.


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