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The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Discovering TALENT in HIKIKOMORI - 1

An Original Art done by Y-kun, a hikikomori now coming to his 40. His mom died of cancer few years back, he stayed alone with his dad and his sister. He never made eye-contact when he talked. I thought he was probably mentally challenged at the first glance. YET.....

H said, 違うよ、Y君は優しいよ。絵うまいし〜 

Then the Lord led me to the inner world of this man, by showing me his piece of art. 

This piece of art always strikes me when I look at it.
The art itself speaks about the life in a rural small town in Japan. The drawing is about 6 ft long, hung on a wall of the house of an artist who volunteers himself in the hikikomori outreached. He certainly admires it, yet undervalued it. (This piece of art could make a huge impact in at least 2 fields, one in the support of disable/underprivileged, another one is perhaps the school.) Imagine if Y is channeled probably to the right KEY person, he could have live a different life.

It maybe difficult for you to imagine,
the damage that a long withstand isolation brought along to the victim.
Someone may like to think that hikikomori could be a golden period of reflecting self, yet when it gets longer, you stuck with the stagnancy!
Without the right RESOURCE,
God-gived timing,
there is no way out!

If only I have the RIGHT contact,
if only I have the hikikomori FUND,
if only I have the full support from PEOPLE,
I could build a house,
I could build an exhibition hall,
I could build an office,
to work out a PLACE for the hikikomori,
a place called HOME,
a place that can allow them to try and error of their potentials
a place that opens up a conversation
a place to learn TRUST and HOPE.

pray with me!

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