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Sunday, September 11, 2011

VIP 国際交流 Watadori & VIP Asia Connection & ISI


2011.09.23 (Fri) 18:00-20:00
Tokyo Musashino Evangelical Free Church

1. Leadership Initiative
2. Introduction with New Issue in the Marketplace

The talk would be in both Japanese and English, international students are welcomed. VIP club provides opportunities to expand your perspectives of the needs and talents wanted in global market. 

Quoting from the very first part of VIP forwarded message:
"Many important changes, especially in the frameworks of politics, technology, and the economy are occurring at a fast pace in our international society. Nations and individuals seem to be trying to find a new basis for their world view, value system, and lifestyle, etc. In this changing age, the International VIP Club provides you with the opportunity to seek eternal truth and chart the future direction of your life and work."

VIP - You are precious in my eyes - Isaiah 43:4

I was personal impressed by the word of Mr. Masaru Aoki, which will be the first presenter on Sep23. He said, "We aim not only to share with you what we need in business world, but we want to hear from the students, what they want, their desires even worries, that could challenge us to think more globally, and thus help to tailor the kind of leadership development program that will in return help the students to bring the constructive ideas and work back to their homeland."

I had an opportunity to overlook the program, it's amazing!
I wouldn't be around in Tokyo at that time, but I would encourage you to go!

Those who are interested, feel free to register with Mr. Aoki, masaru.aoki@dnjonline.org, or Miss Kazue, kazue1486@gmail.com.

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