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Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

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Friday, August 05, 2011

About Christian Funeral in Japan.

Throughout the years, many Christian pastors and families in Japan had sufferred the course in having to deal with funerals especially with their church members who are Christians, but the status changed had yet to be accepted by their family members who are non-believers. Limited choices of funeral services, as in Japan, it had been a custom that the temples would handle the funeral. Many missionaries had shared about their concerns and wish to have Christians organization that would help them to take care of the funeral, including negotiating, land of burial, ceremony etc.

A friend had started this ministry called, "Shinai Ceremony神愛セレモニー". The ministry focuses on christians wedding and funeral servies. Looking at the packages that they offer, I realized that this could be the answer to the prayers that people had been praying for.The ministry base in Saitama, they have several connection with people who could offer this service in Kanto area. It would be wise to ask them if they could expand their services to your local areas.

An highlight of their services is berieved/grief counseling, which we often find it difficult with the death of our beloved. My advice is do take a look at their webpage (though in Japanese), get your members who need the service to look at it, I believe it will helps, and much soul comforting. God bless. http://www.shinai-ceremony.org/

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