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The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beginning of 2011

The Lord had made the weather a little bit warmer for me as I arrived Tokyo on Jan 16, 10pm. I caught the last train heading to Tsukuba, took a taxi at Kashiwanoha Station, and went back to my place safely. While everything was done, it was around 2am.

The next day, I headed to school at around 10am. Met few friends. The assignment deadline had moved to next week, Jan 25. Praise God, I didn't need to rush. Thus, the decision to concentrate on making origami and preaching in Malaysia was seemingly the Lord's will.  I received a couple of emails showing their interest to pray and probably equipping themselves for a visit to Japan. These are encouraging messages. I pray that the Lord will continue to guide you and lead you into the partnership with Him in Heart4japan. Shalom.

Attended classes yesterday, glad to find everyone there. Handed over some souvenirs from  Malaysia, had a couple of chats. Began to work on Hikikomori Study Group invitation on Jan 21, which falls on the same day my mom's visit to the clinic. And I began to develop flu like symptoms last night, coughing...it get worse still with anti-histamine and cough lozenges, could be influenza... Heard that my brother Peter had high fever the night I headed back to Tokyo. Do remember us in your prayers.

There are few things going on almost simultaneously and really need your prayers!

This will probably serve as the main structure for you to pray for Heart4Japan ministry from Jan - Apr 2011. Will continue to update some reports, feedbacks and highlight from time to time, but this article will be the main. Please take note.

1. Hikikomori Study Group is going on. It uses the Department of Mental Health in Graduate school of medicine of Tokyo University as a platform to outreach, and set up study groups as round table discussions among those who are interested. It takes place once in a month started from Dec 2010.
2nd meeting is on Jan 21, 7pm - 9pm.
3rd meeting is on Feb 25, 7pm - 9pm
4th meeting is on Mar 25, 7pm - 9pm
5th meeting is on Apr 15/22, 7pm - 9pm

Please pray for smooth meetings, preparation of the hearts of people, relationship among the attendants, relationship between me and my colleagues in the department. Pray that He will lead us in the discussions, and give us wisdom on how to deal with certain approaches. Pray that the campus workers and Christian workers will support and join the discussions to find out more about the issues, and begin to strategize how to serve better in Hikikomori outeach programs.

2. RJC Conference (Feb 17-19) /Hikikomori Workshop by Roseline (Feb 18)
RJC Conference is going to be held in Northshore Baptist Church in Bothell, WA. The theme this year is to build a strong foundation. I am one of the workshop speaker, dealing mainly on hikikomori. The original proposal is talk about the phenomenon of hikikomori. However, looking at the schedule that I may not be able to do this often in coming years, I am praying if this is the time to talk about outreach, and teaching about how Christians can come together in reaching out to the hikikomori. Please pray together with me on this matter.

Also, If you notice, I had pasted two prayer requests written by Don Wright, as a spur to your attention of RJC Conference. Please kindly refer to the RJC site, to pray together with us for the conference. Pray for good networking, and the relationship of trust and honor among the missionaries.

3. IFJ Camp  2011 (Apr 1-3)  - I FOLLOW JESUS
Some of you may have heard me shared about the IFJ Camp that gathers teenagers (mostly middle school to college students) from whole Japan in 2010. The Lord woks in a marvelous way in this camp. Pray that the Lord will prepare his people, to facilitate, to help, to attend the event. The camp will be held in Kansai Bible Institute (KBI) in Ikoma, Nara. I am still praying if I would be able to attend the camp to help. Either way, I couldn't hold myself to share your love to the kids. It is amazing work that the Lord has done. I'm sure your commitments in prayers and support the missions in Japan will encourage them strongly!

Worth to mention, the principle of KBI is also one of the main speaker that will be in RJC. I will meet Ota sensei during the conference in Seattle. As I was almost half paralyzed in KBI in 2009, Ota Sensei took good care of me. KBI is surely a marking stone for my journey in Heart4Japan. Please pray for good fellowship, and good time to catch up with each other.

There are several other things too!!!

5. Seminar by Roseline (Feb 10)
I will be presenting on the seminar with regards to the PhD works that I am planning to do in next two years. Need a lot of wisdoms. To be honest with you, this is very STRESS. ;-) Do remember me in your prayers.

6. Behavioral Medicine Conference in Tokyo Japan (Mar 10 -13)
This is an event organized by our department, and I will be one of the helper. Sometimes I feel alien because my language command is still not good enough to help out more. Do pray that I will learn as much as possible and make good contacts from here.  Again, please pray for the good relationship between me and my colleagues.

7. Visitors from Malaysia/Austria

Boh Yeah/Yang (Mar 8 - 15)
Mom, Sis, Bee Ngee, Fook Keong and Bee Ngee's mom (Mar 13 - 20)

Pray that the visitors will catch the fire and vision and the blessings while they travel in Japan.
Please pray that I will have time to be with family and friends.

Pat (Apr 4 - 22)

Pat was a hikikomori till 2007 and still find himself very hikikomori inside. This is a dream vacation that he had always want to have. Pat will want to spend his time mostly in Akihabara, and to join hikikomori study group, and visit my department. Please pray for good fellowship. We had this bible study online with each other, and chats for more than three years now, but this is the first time to meet each other.  Please continue to pray for him and his salvation, and pray that Pat will experience God's love and acknowledge it in this trip.

Yokun and Ayumi
Finally Yokun is here in Tokyo for another week before he head back to Akita. We will meet up with each other on this coming Friday for the hikikomori study group. I am also expecting another lady, Ayumi, that I met on the flight. Please keep them in your prayers!!!


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