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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Food of Thoughts

Looking from Inside v.s. Looking from Outside

When Cha-cha was here for ten days, she did more than what other local Malaysians would probably do in 5 years, or once in a life time. Having to mingle with different people group everyday, including English speakers, Chinese speakers, and sign language speakers, she had no choice but to deal with it even with her limitations.

She went to cultural centers that were probably put up as a show for tourism purpose, departmental store jungles where consumer costs are extremely high, and also gained her cultural experience through practical morning and night market tour designed mainly for local middle lower class people.

One thing that I felt like sharing to you most was probably this remark from her: "Somehow this is a great experience, it is so different when I see Japan when I was inside Japan and when I am outside Japan. I have keep reflecting Japan in my mind as I continue to observe new things and new people. ' So, Japan is (........) kind of country!' It is unbelievable as now I can see Japan better. "

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Justin said...

I understand that feeling completely. It was the same way for me - I didn't really understand America until after I moved to Japan and could see the differences. I think everyone should spend an extended amount of time in another country if they get a chance - it is a very valuable learning experience.