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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

INSPIRE Union Nagoya

Returnees Unite to Keep Faith

Facebook: Inspire Union


After CROSSOVER, this is another ministry that marks the movement of uniting the body of Jesus Christ. INSPIRE in Nagoya. 

INSPIRE UNION group message in Facebook goes: 

Keep the faith! Did you discover the joy and truth of Christianity while living abroad? Want to re-discover that here in Nagoya, Japan? Inspire Union is for you! We are a group of mostly Japanese (with a few foreigners thrown in!), who have travelled to many countries (America, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand...) and want to meet up with others who have had similar experiences to us. We also want to learn more about Christianity and making our faith a part of our everyday lives. We'd love for you to join us!”

I had a chat with Hiroko who takes initiative to organize the meetings and keeping up with the returnees. After many cries and prayers, we begin to witness he atmosphere started to change over past two years, The formation of BE ONE movement, CROSSOVER movement, INSPIRE UNION movement,  were not too far from each other. 

Heart4Japan movement started in 2005 with a group of 3 expanded to a group of 500 today had caught the train to pray for JAPAN for a spiritual change among the churches: raising up awareness of the needs in the field, challenging resource sharing, seeing the importance of uniting the body of Christ. When there is such evidence that all of us share the same vision, UNITING together for the growth of the Church of Christ in Japan, we know that this movement is not of us, but of God. 

BE ONE, CROSSOVER, INSPIRE UNION are what we had been praying for, more to that, we are not only praying for unity, but also unify spirit in seeking His heart, a Father’s heart for Japan. So, as we pray, please keep this in mind: our God is God of gods, King of kings, yet He is also our Father. And as for Japan, He carries a heart of a Father’s love, a father’s longing to see his children come to him, a father’s desire to be unite with his long lost sons. 

May the Lord bless you as you pray! Amen.

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