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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Be Very Honest!

Happy New Year!

Trying to be very honest to myself. Trying to be very honest to the people that I love. I need to be honest with God!!!

January of 2009 had finally arrived. Jan 9 would probably mark the final Friday that I host Heart4Japan meeting in Hong Kong. When I get back to HK from to Beijing, there is only seven weeks left for me to vividly present in HK. What had I achieved so far? What had Heart4Japan achieved so far? Had I pass on the fire of Heart4Japan? Will the fire continue to burn? I couldn't see how would it burn, nor could I to schedule the time for it to spark. But I trust, the friendship and fellowship that the Lord had allowed us to have would be preserved in the following journey! I trust.

There will be only 7 weeks for me to stay in HK from now.
7 Fridays of the week.
5 Saturdays
5 Sundays

How should I divide these days? Who should I spend time with? On the days when I am flying in and out from Hong Kong, who are the ones that I would love to see them before I leave? Will anyone be there to send me off? Will anyone be there to receive me at the airport?

The trip to Reaching Japanese for Christ Conference in Walnut Creek, the trip to Japan for 3 months...... What am I going to do? What would I speak? How should I go? How should I survive? Will anyone receive me? Who should I see? .......there are thousands of questions...... for all these, I have no clue......

Again, FAITH, is the only strength I have. Faith, not because I am extra spiritually strong, but because I know how much He loves me. And I trust, as He said, "MY family is your family!" He will provide all. The opportunities to speak, the opportunities to research, the opportunities to meet with people, the opportunities to travel far, the opportunities to live. As everyone doubts, "How is she going to go to do all these things?" probably I can't... but in Him, everything is possible.

He will moves His children to give. He will make the king of Egypt to cover Joseph, and the king of Babylon to cover Daniel and Jeremiah if there is a need! :-) This is the same to everyone of you who are in extreme pressure to try to help yourself to make enough before you can go. Give when there is a need to give, Receive when there is a need to receive. Do not hold back, for He is the lord. Do not try to save for missions! It will never be enough :-) Ask around and you will know.

Rise up, MY children, and GO!

When He had spoken, it shall be done! Amen.

Re: Mat 19

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