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The Largest Unreached People Group (Joshua Project, 2005)

Only 0.04% Christians!

Annual Suicide Rate: >30,000

100-300 new religion registered each year (Operation World, 2000)

The battle is fierce, Time is SHORT! Please RESPONSE, Please PRAY!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rising Eagle & Rose' Updates

Good news: God had raised new intercessors and disciples for His fire in Japan!

God's Fingerprints

Both exhibition on Mar 18 and the national women conference on Mar 20, people had come to me and made commitment to pray for Japan. Having raising new diciples and intercessors, my wish is that now the Japanese people will rise up and pray for their nation, the wall in between denomination should no longer stumble His way! "God's Fingerprints in Japan" had challenged the audience on Mar 18 evening, in seeking and reconsidering the relationship of Gospel and the traditional culture. And this is exactly what "Cultural Rredemptive Analogy" is about. I had passed a copy of each, "God's Fingerprints in Japan" and "Israel Roots in Japanese Culture" to the FGA KL mission department, so if you wish to make a copy, please request from them, thank you. (There are records of the event in facebook for your reference)

The Blessed Gift

I would also like to share with you another heartfelt gratitude that I have for my deaf friends from Sign of Love (SOL). So many of them had taken initiative to come to me and ensure that they will be praying for me and Japan, it is not only about their love that I appreciate, but the sacrifices of the widow that had caught Jesus' attention, I know they will be blessed so greatly and the return of their prayers and giving is multiple! And as a receiver of that, I gain the favor of God, I believe. For this, I encourage you to pray and give, sow your life into His harvest!At this present time, we are sent to harvest what we had not sown, and do not hesitate in sowing, for there is a season for everything.

Seek His Heart
An advice to all who are called, please focus your prayer on the heart of our heavenly Father for Japan! The focus of our prayers is not that "When God is bring 'me' to Japan?", "Why God is not bringing 'me' to Japan?", but the SALVATION of the JAPANESE PEOPLE, the RECONCILATION of RELATIONSHIP that our Father had LONGED FOR!!! I pray that you know what I meant here.

Watch for Others
Mrs. Kanazawa Yukiko who works in the canteen of Kansai Bible Institute is suffering leg pain, and it affects her back. For that reason, it is a struggle even to get up from the bed. She has two children, one son and one daughter. Please do keep her in your prayers!

Again, please pray that the Lord of Harvest to send workers to the field, for the harvest is plenty but the workers are few!

Personal Updates*
I want to thank SOL and friends and family that had came to send me off last night! As a result of your prayers, I've reached Tokyo safely!

It is pretty cold here, about 3C...... the wind is strong. The check out was smooth at the airport, and I was honest with the officers that I'm actually here for study and am awiting for the C.O.E. (Certificate of Elgibility), they didn't give me much trouble, good thing is that I don't need to lie ^^. The luggage is with ABC delivery company which they will send in my luggage to the dormitory in Kashiwa on April 5. I have seen my professor in the morning, and good chat.

Will leave to Osaka tonight at around 10.30pm, and reach Osaka (Namba) at 7.20am tomorrow. Then probably it takes another 20 minutes to Chad & Jennifer's place. I don't think I will be able to access internet over there, especially we will be very busy preparing for the camp and at the camp site, probably the phone wouldn't work... not sure. I will have my call system setup by next week. Let's pray for 1. relationship with the camp participants, committees, and also the word from the Lord to the youths!2. relationship with Mental Health Department staffs, colleagues, students;3. relationship with Medical Faculty Staffs4. relationship with Kashiwa Lodge officers5. relationship with missionaries/churches around Kashiwa
I am in touch with Richard and Keri (missionary couple) staying near my place, and they will take me to shop for my bedding on April 5. Class will start on April 6.

Will update you more. Please pass this news to your homefellowship members who are praying for me, thank you!

Thank you, and please continue to pray!
Thanks, Roseline

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